Native executables are not yet available. The corresponding GitHub issue for tracking is #310 (opens in a new tab). For now, you can install Stump using Docker or directly from source.

Platform-specific instructions

Select your platform to view the installation instructions

Download the latest release

Visit the GitHub releases page (opens in a new tab) and download the latest release for macOS. It will be a .zip file containing the executable and the webapp files named stump-<version>

Unzip the file

Unzip the downloaded file using your preferred method. The expected contents are:

  • stump (the binary executable file)
  • webapp (a folder containing all of the webapp files)

These can live wherever you'd like, so long as they are adjacent to each other. For example, if you wanted them in your home directory, you could run:

unzip ~/Downloads/stump-<version> -d ~

Make the binary executable

Open a terminal and navigate to the folder containing the stump binary. Run the following command to make the binary executable:

# Navigate to the folder containing the stump binary, e.g. ~/Stump
sudo chmod +x stump

Run the binary

You can now run the stump binary from the terminal:

# Navigate to the folder containing the stump binary, e.g. ~/Stump, or be sure to include the full path to the binary