A lot of people tend to get mixed up with what a series is in Stump. This guide will hopefully help clear up any confusion. The most important takeaway is that series are just folders on your file system that live somewhere within the directory tree of a library.

A series is just a folder

What Defines a Series?

Because series are just folders, it is up to Stump to determine what constitutes a series. Currently, this is done by configuring the pattern for the associated library. There are two patterns:

  • Collection priority library: Takes the top most folder and collapses everything into it as a single series.
  • Series priority Library: Takes the bottom most folders as series, effectively being the opposite of a collection based library.

For more information on these patterns, please review the libraries section of the documentation.


There have been loose discussions about support for nested series (opens in a new tab). This would result in natural traversal, more closely aligned with the underlying filesystem. If this is something you are interested in, please let me know by commenting on the issue.