A lot of people tend to get mixed up with what a series is in Stump, especially for those who primarily have primarily eBook libraries. This guide will hopefully help clear up any confusion.

What Defines a Series?


There are a few open issues that discuss the future expansion of what a valid series can be, namely via library support for nested series (opens in a new tab) and metadata-only series (opens in a new tab). If these are features you are interested in, please let me know by thumbing up the issue.

A series is just a collection of items that are related to each other, typically in a linear fashion (e.g. a book series or a specific comic run). In Stump, a series is defined primarily by its location and structure within a library, since Stump does not currently support metadata-only library construction.

There are two supported library patterns today:

  • Collection priority library: Takes the top most folder and collapses everything into it as a single series.
  • Series priority Library: Takes the bottom most folders as series, effectively being the opposite of a collection based library.

There are plans to expand this in the future, but for now, this is what is supported.

These patterns have more to do with how the library is structured than the actual series itself, so to see additional information on these patterns be sure to visit the relevant section of the documentation.