Command-line interface

The Stump server ships with a built-in CLI tool that can be used for various tasks. At the time of writing, you can use it to:

  • Lock or unlock a user account (i.e. prevent or allow the user to log in)
  • Reset a user's password


The CLI tool is exposed via a few subcommands using the same executable as the server, itself. To see the available subcommands, run:

./stump --help

This will print the various subcommands and options available to you. To see more information about a specific subcommand, run:

./stump <subcommand> --help


Locking a user account

To lock a user account, run:

./stump account lock --username <username>

Unlocking a user account

To unlock a user account, run:

./stump account unlock --username <username>

Resetting a user's password

To reset a user's password, run:

./stump account reset-password --username <username>

You will be prompted to enter a new password, with a confirmation prompt to ensure you entered it correctly. The password will be hashed and salted and stored in the database to replace the existing one.