Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS (opens in a new tab)) is a specification for generating and serving catalogs of digital content. It is used by many applications, such as Panels (opens in a new tab) and Chunky Reader (opens in a new tab).

So long as an OPDS client properly implements the OPDS specification, you should be able to use it with Stump. The general structure of the URL to connect to your Stump server is:


For example, if you are running Stump on your local machine, with the default port and base URL, the URL would be:


Each OPDS client might have a different way of collecting this information during their onboarding steps. If you have any trouble using your preferred client, please open an issue on GitHub (opens in a new tab) or feel free to pop into the Discord (opens in a new tab) for help. This page can be updated with your findings to help others in the future.

Tested OPDS clients

The following clients have been tested with Stump:

OSApplicationPage StreamingIssues/Notes
iOSPanels (opens in a new tab)
iOSChunky Reader (opens in a new tab)
AndroidMoon+ Reader (opens in a new tab)No testing at this time
AndroidKyBook 3 (opens in a new tab)No testing at this time

If you have any experiences, good or bad, using any of these clients or another client not listed here, please consider updating this page with your findings.