Using other OPDS clients

Stump is compatible with any OPDS client that properly implements the OPDS specification. The general structure of the URL to connect to your Stump server is:


For example, if you are running Stump on your local machine, with the default port and base URL, the URL would be:


Each OPDS client might have a different way of collecting this information during their onboarding steps. If you have any trouble using your preferred client, please open an issue on GitHub (opens in a new tab) or feel free to pop into the Stump Discord (opens in a new tab) server and ask for help.

Tested OPDS clients

The following clients have been tested with Stump:

OSApplicationPage StreamingIssues/Notes
iOSPanels (opens in a new tab)
iOSChunky Reader (opens in a new tab)
AndroidMoon+ Reader (opens in a new tab)
AndroidKyBook 3 (opens in a new tab)

If you have any experiences, good or bad, using any of these clients or another client not listed here, please consider updating this page with your findings.