Access Control


This functionality is not fully implemented yet. Check back soon!

Users can be assigned permissions that grant (or deny) them access to various features or actions within Stump. This allows for granular and flexible control over who can do what within your server.

Available Permissions

PermissionShorthandDescriptionAssociated/Included Permissions
Access Book Clubbookclub:readAllows access to the Book Club feature
Create Book Clubbookclub:createAllows creating new Book Clubsbookclub:read
Access Smart Listsmartlist:readAllows access to the Smart List feature
File Explorerfile:explorerAllows access to the File Explorer feature
File Uploadfile:uploadAllows uploading files to the server
File Downloadfile:downloadAllows downloading files from the server
Create Librarylibrary:createAllows creating new libraries
Edit Librarylibrary:editAllows editing basic details of libraries
Scan Librarylibrary:scanAllows scanning libraries for new content
Manage Librarylibrary:manageAllows managing the contents of librarieslibrary:edit, library:scan
Delete Librarylibrary:deleteAllows deleting librarieslibrary:manage
Manage Usersuser:manageAllows managing users and their permissions
Manage Serverserver:manageAllows managing server settings and featuresuser:manage, library:manage