Book Progress

Read Progress

Stump keeps track of your reading progress as you read. This includes:

  • Which books you have read
  • Which books you are currently reading
  • Your current position in a book

This is done on a per-user basis, meaning that each user has their own set of progress for the books they read on the server.


There are plans to support reading history, which will allow you to see a timeline of each time you re-read a book. Currently, progress is reset when you re-read a book.

Supported Clients

Stump natively supports tracking read progress for books when using any of the built-in readers. Besides the built-in readers, Stump will update read progress when using OPDS-PSE.

Most other reading clients will have their own mechanisms for tracking read progress, which is likely not compatible to sync with Stump without an additional layer of integration. If you are interested in integrating a custom reading client with Stump, please create a GitHub issue to discuss the details.

Visualizing Progress


There aren't many built-in, dedicated visualization options yet. This is a work in progress.

Manually Updating Progress


This is supported, however the documentation for this is not yet available.