Access Control
Library Exclusions

Library Exclusions

This functionality is not fully implemented yet. Check back soon!

A user can be explicitly excluded from seeing a library. This is useful for hiding libraries that contain content that a user should not see, such as age-restricted content or content that is not relevant to them.

How to exclude a user from a library

This will require library:manage permissions

Navigate to the library settings

Navigate to the library you want to exclude the user from and click on the Settings tab.

Scroll to the Exclusions section

The Exclusions section is located towards the bottom of the settings page. It contains a multi-select dropdown that allows you to select the users you want to exclude from the library.

Select the user(s) to exclude

Use the multi-select dropdown to select the user you want to exclude from the library. You can select multiple users if you want to exclude more than one user.

Save your changes

This should be immediately reflected, the user will no longer have access to:

  • The library
  • Any content within the library