Guide Overview

This section of the documenation contains several guides for using and/or setting up Stump. An overview of the guides is provided below.

  • Installation - How to install Stump on your system
  • Configuration - How to configure Stump, including system variables and more
  • Books - How Stump represents books, what formats are supported, etc
  • Libraries - What are libraries, how they are created, and how to use them
  • Library Explorer - How to use the Library Explorer to browse and search for books as a secondary option for navigating your library
  • Series - What are series and how libraries organize their associated books
  • Tagging - How to use tags to organize your libraries, series, books and other groupable entities
  • Background Jobs - What are background jobs, which are available, and how to configure them
  • Filesystem Scans - The scan options available with Stump, how to configure them, and how to use them
  • Progress Tracking - How Stump tracks your reading progress as you read books
  • Readers - How to use the various readers available in Stump
  • OPDS - What is OPDS, how to use it, and what OPDS clients are supported
  • REST API - How to use the REST API to interact with Stump outside of the web UI
  • Desktop - A subset of guides related to installing and using the Stump desktop application
  • Mobile - A subset of guides related to installing and using the Stump mobile application
  • Setup Examples - A collection of example setups for Stump, including things like Docker