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Desktop App

Stump's web UI, automatically served by your Stump server instance, is also available as a cross-platform desktop application, so you can use Stump outside your browser with a few added, native features.

What is the difference between the web UI and the desktop app?

The web UI and the desktop app are essentially the same thing. The desktop app provides a thin wrapper around the React application that is served by the Stump server, using the Tauri (opens in a new tab) framework.

At the time of writing, there are only few desktop-only features, but more are planned. For now, the desktop app provides:

  • Optional Discord Rich Presence integration


If you want to install the desktop application, you will want to select the appropriate binary for your operating system:

  • macOS: Stump.dmg
  • Linux: Stump.AppImage
  • Windows: Stump.exe